21- Kg laddu offered to Ganesha in Hyderabad : Sold For 17 Lakhs In An Auction


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The Lord Ganesh Festival is celebrated as a grand festival mostly in all the cities. At Balapur in the old city of Hyderabad, the celebration is organized in a grand manner.

They offered a laddu to Lord Ganesha, which is sold for Rs 17.60 lakhs in an open auction which is organized by mandap on Thursday morning. The auction is organized every year before the beginning of the Ganesh Nimajjan yatra.  

The laddu is prepared with pure ghee & mixed with dry fruits, this popularly known as Balapur Ganesh laddu. The 21-kg laddu was sponsored by Honey Foods from ECIL colony, the laddu is kept in a 2-kg bowl which is made up of pure silver in the hands of Lord Ganesha at a grand mandap at Balapur.

Image source: m.dailyhunt.in

The huge number of devotees are participating in the auction, total 28 bidders participated & The 4 other bidders participated & they were from outside of Hyderabad.

The laddu was bought by Kolan Rami Reddy. The auction was started with Rs 1,116 at 10:20 am & within 10 minutes the bidding reached Rs 17.60 lakhs. Since last 25 years the auction is organized. Mr K Niranjan Reddy the president of Balapur Ganesh Utsav Samithi said that “the collected amount through auction would be utilized for good purpose like development activities of Balapur village & other social activities.

The auction started in 1994, earlier the bid was won by Rami Reddy’s father Kolan Mohan Reddy, then a local farmer only for Rs 450, afterward Mohan Reddy always took part in the auction & won the bid 5 times & then his family members successfully manage to won 3 more times.

This is 9th time for Kolan family to win the bid in the auction of Balapur Ganesh laddu. The grand Ganesh Nimajjan festivals started in a grand style at Hyderabad, the procession begins from Balapur. 

It is said that the largest idol of Lord Ganesha is the Khairatabad Ganesha with 61 feet height of the idol. As it is the largest idol of the country, so its immersion procession is started first so that the unnecessary inconvenience can be avoided for others. The Telangana government announced official holiday on Thursday for the immersion of Lord Ganesha & adjoining areas in the view of festivals.


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