30+ Memes Account Suspend By Instagram Having 30+ Million Follower In Total


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Instagram an amazing platform to share pictures but now mostly used for posting Tik Tok videos or memes. Instagram officially took an action and bammed more than 30 memes account. After these accounts got suspended, their owners were left devasted and what they could have done to save their account was simply nothing.

Instagram directly suspended their account without giving any single warning to them and all the owners when searched for any message from them found the reason behind the suspension of their account is not following the rules, regulations, and terms of Instagram.

The notice that Instagram sent to account owners stated: “We are not able to restore the suspended accounts because of this particular reason.” This statement simply represents that now there is no possibility for the users to get their account back and they have lost their account with all their followers. And now this platform of income is closed for them.

There was a user @atuist who was moving more than a half-million followers on his Instagram account, and the moment his account got suspended he told the audience that he had earned almost $30,000 from his page and he was saving all his money to pay at his college. Well, unfortunately, he cannot do this anymore until and unless Instagram does something.

List Of Accounts Suspended:

Listed below are some of those accounts that got suspended and having good number of followers:

  • @autist: 529K+ followers
  • @medicalthing: 2.6M+ followers
  • @laugh.s: 3M+ followers
  • @uniquevines: 8.3M+ followers
  • @meccha.memes: 2.1M+ followers
  • @teacherpranks: c2M followers
  • @thespedshed: 704K+ followers
  • @babebuddy: 684K+ followers
  • @godsbleach: 396K+ followers
  • @femalesdoingthings: 474K+ followers
  • @darted: 578K+ followers
  • @Finest.Inventions: 13M+ followers
  • @spicy.mp4: 472K+ followers
  • @wokeist: 420K+ followers
  • @dailymemes.exe: 315K+ followers

Well, we hope that these users will soon find some alternative way to generate their income. Stay tuned and enjoy!


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