3,500 Trees to Be Axed to Make Way for Eight-Lane Delhi-Panipat Highway, Reveals RTI


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Government of India has confirmed that around 53,467 mango trees in the state of Gujarat and Maharashtra needed to be cut down for upcoming Mumbai-Ahmedabad high-speed rail project (MAHSR). This project is basically the bullet train project which will be the fastest railways in India. In this project more than 131.302 hectares of forest land in Maharashtra and 5.847-hectare forest land in Gujarat. The total forest area will be 137.149 factor which includes 24.137 hectares of mangrove forest area. 

The Government of India wants to implement the full-fledged first bullet train in India which needs to be completed by the year 2022. On the other hand, around 3,490 trees needed to be cut down in order to make 8 Lane Delhi Panipat highway. This is another project which is going to happen in India which will create out the green coverage in our country. This information was revealed after a r t I response by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI). 

Initially, an RTI request was filed by an activist named Shubham Khatri. He informed that the 8 Lane project for the Delhi Panipat Highway does not require to care about the environment. This information was reported in the “The Quint”, after that the news for circulating about the clearing out of the greenery in the country. 

The National Highways Authority of India has also deposited ₹55.62 Crore of money to the forest department of both Delhi and Haryana. Even ₹17 Lakh was also provided to the authority from the contractor who is going to work in the Delhi area. But we need to keep in mind that, Infrastructure is good for the country but we also need to preserve our natural resources in order to avoid environmental consequences.