5 Ways To Create Website For Free In 2019


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Creating a website is a great strategy to boost the growth and development of your company It helps to advertise and attract more customers to your company. Since the Internet can be used as a business platform. But creating a web page is not as simple as it seems, as some programming knowledge is needed.

Are you interested in how to create a website for your business and don’t know how to do it? Do not worry, there are several tools that can help you with the procedure. We have collected information to talk to you about 5 ways to create a free website for your company. We invite you to continue reading our post and not miss any details.

#1 Wix

The best known and favorite platform, with more than 110 million registered users. It uses HTML5 technology and offers the most flexible platform to create websites. Its strong point is the spectacular designs since it has a great variety. It offers thousands of excellent templates that you can select depending on your needs. Using the Market application you can easily add new features to your website.

#2 Site123

It has an editor with more than 20 languages, including Arabic, Turkish and Roman. Although as a disadvantage it is somewhat limited, it does not have as much creativity compared to other platforms. But if you are only looking for a means to promote your business on the web without so many obstacles, you can trust this platform, in addition, its supporting team responds quickly.

#3 Mobirise

It is a simple platform to manipulate, offering quality results, free of payments. You just have to select and drag the elements that you like and drop them to your style. It is based on Bootstrap’s open-source framework, which ensures your speed and support on several devices. You don’t need an Internet connection to work on it.

#4 Site W

It may not be well known, but you can create your website in a simple and professional-looking way, without having any programming skills. It offers different incredible and intuitive options, which in a few minutes will help you create a website or blog. Fully focused for beginners and without costs.

#5 Weebly

It is focused on the ease of use, so it is a good option for those who are starting in the world of programming. Their templates do not lack style and are modern, they even adapt to smartphone devices. It has a paging system with an elegant touch that you can customize. Through the App Center, also you can add applications with extra features to your website.

Beginners can get a free tour in all the above websites. I’ve personally recommended you to choose the above platforms before you move to professional ways to make a website. Hope, this page might help you and pls drop your queries in the comment session.


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