500 Passengers Including 9 Pregnant Women Rescued From Mahalakshmi Express


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Rain is the most beautiful season on this planet but sometimes it can convert into a disaster. Something similar has happened in the Badlapur area today located in Thane, Mumbai. A train, Mahalakshmi Express has been stuck on a bridge since night because of the flood in which the water level has been increased and crossed the level. Because of the overflow, it’s not possible for the train to crawl anymore and since the night it has been standing in the middle of the flood.

The Mumbai-Kohlapur express that runs between Mumbai and Kohlapur is stuck between Badlapur and Wangani carrying 2000 passengers. The condition is not that much serious now because the rescue team of Navy, Airforce, NDRF, and army has already reached the destination. There are helicopters of the air force which is carrying water, food and other essentials for the people inside the train whereas the navy team is busy rescuing the women, children and the old people first.

Media talked to many passengers and they told that the water had reached up to the first stair of the train and there was no light and water inside the train. Youngsters were surviving whereas the children were facing troubles because there was no availability of food. Thanks to the local people of Badlapur who understood this entire scenario and started helping people as soon as they got to know about the train.

Till now more than 500 passengers and hopefully all the pregnant women have been rescued and the rescuing process is still going on. Nurses and doctors from nearest hospitals are already there with the necessary equipment.

Let’s hope that every individual will reach their destinations safely. Salute to the entire rescuing team who has reached there by applying all the efforts to help people who are stuck inside. We hope nature will cool down soon and it will become possible for the train to crawl so that people who are still inside can reach their home.


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