70 COVID19 Patients in Mumbai are Missing, Minister Says “They Haven’t Fled”


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With the impact of COVID19 impact, the mismanagement in Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is uncovering. There are various incidents occurring in the time being that showcases the lethargic nature of some BMC officers. This is a shocking case where 70 patients, who tested positive for Corona are now missing and wandering freely.

mumbai covid patients missing

The issue is coming out when BMC couldn’t connect with these patients. They tried calling them on the numbers they provided and also visit their houses. Most of these people are from Malad, living in slums of the region. It is noteworthy that Malad is already one of the worst-hit regions of the pandemic.

There is also an instance where a patient has entered the phone number of BMC’s officer. Therefore, 70 patients who are COVID19 positive are wandering around the city as a threat to citizens as well as their own family members. Aslam Shaikh, Cabinet Minister of Maharashtra speaks on this,

Yes, we are not being able to contact some Covid patients, but they have not fled. We track all patients who have recovered, their high-risk contacts and relatives. It is possible that there may have been a mistake in noting their phone numbers or in noting their address; a lot of areas mentioned in addresses are of slums. There is a chance that some may be migrant workers and may have left after getting treatment.

In order to trace them, BMC Officers and Mumbai Police are working together. Their mission is to find these people and provide them proper treatment. This is not the first time. Earlier, BMC did a blunder of 451 unreported deaths due to Corona.

The opposition is gauging this case to target Shivsena Government that has failed to combat the pandemic. But more than opposing, we need contributions from people, that could help in control the spread of the pandemic.


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