A Must Read Article for People who Swear at Work! – Does it really matter?


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Do you swear at work? How many of you consider that it is normal to swear at work? This is a burning topic which every employee thinks of very often. For many of you, swearing might be too common. Whereas, for others, they will judge you if you will swear.

According to the research, it is proved that people who swear at work are often relaxed and less stressed. They are less tentative to make mistakes and work with more accuracy. Apart from that, such people are hardworking, honest and persuasive!

Whereas, the people who don’t prefer swearing are often tense and are more prone to make mistakes.

A Glimpse of some people, who swear at Work!

Still thinking swearing is for some old-school people? Boris Johnson, the prime minister of Britain is well-known for his swearing-in public. His openly swearing never became a hurdle in path. In fact, it helped him to gain fame such that he quickly moved from being Mayor of London, Member of Parliament and now a Prime Minister.

Similarly, Jamie Dimon, the longest-reigning chief executive of Wall Street is another popular person who is well-known for his blunt swearing. Because of his such nature, his lawyers and PR Executives are often scared.

Does Swearing really matter?

As far as anyone among your staff isn’t having any objection, you can swear. It is understandable the amount of pressure you carry while working as a result of which swearing becomes a necessity. However, it is necessary to maintain the decorum of an organization so one should control it.

An average Britisher swears 14 times in a day. When we move to the US, the score is much higher. There aren’t any major HR policies in most of the organizations depicting swearing as a Crime.

Hence, if you’re the one swearing, you shouldn’t swear often. And those who are having issues with it, you must understand the mental condition of your colleague!