A Survey Says That Indian Travels For Social Status And Not To Enjoy Life


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Traveling, a thing everyone should do to explore the world, to meet new people, to eat varieties of food, to see how beautiful this world is, to live! But if you are doing that, are you doing for your happiness or for getting social attention? Well, we are not saying this, a report says that most people travel not to have fun but to show the world that they are enjoying life when they are actually not!

Some people are like, go to high-paid cafes or restaurant, click the picture of food and post it on their social media handles even if they did not like it at the end! Booking.com, a famous and popular travel planning firm did a deep survey and study and found out that 75% of people undertake a leisure trip and to have some “me” time.

Whereas according to the full report 80% of people travel to relive the history, 75% people travel to the places they or their friends never visited, 76% people, travel to get away from the pressure they get from their home and 79% people travel just to enjoy a simple and sober life.

So, after all these reports, we came to know that every group of people have multiple reasons but none of them is traveling to experience, to live and to explore! Stay tuned, we will be right back with more chatpati news! Enjoy!



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