About Us

Don’t Get Serious is a family of over 1.6 Million active followers on the Social Media Platforms. For the last 5 years, it has been a continuously active platform that gives voice to the people. Nowadays, people are going through a lot in life. At such time, Don’t get serious is emerging as a trustworthy platform to get information and smiles for many people.

We create fresh hand-picked stories from around the country and globe and share it with our

Don't Get Serious News Logo (DSG News Logo)young audience. Don’t Get serious News is proudly made in India and our goal is to publish content users love to share, discuss and read.

What is the source of our Content?

While we continuously share the latest issues in the form of News, Blogs, Articles, Memes, Infographics as well as Videos. We also take care of the authenticity of the News we are sharing. For serving our users with accurate information, we are having tie ups with certain News agencies which provide us breaking news before other News portals & this is how we always stand 1 step ahead of all.

Apart from that, we have a writer’s team spanning in all the geographies of India. Therefore, any burning issue can be easily determined and given a voice! Even while writing and publishing the content, we make sure that the content is fresh, simple to read and understandable that enriches fresher perspectives in our reader’s mind.

We also keep an eye on the latest happenings across the country as well as the globe. To present huge issues, in a simple manner is the specialty of the Don’t Get Serious’s writers’ team. We are usually cover stories on the subjects of Latest Trends or the Big Stories, Movie Releases, Business and Economics, News, Sports, etc.

How much large is the Don’t Get Serious Family?

Don’t Get Serious family is having a huge Social Media Presence with Giant Pages viz. Dontgetserious, Don’t Get Serious, TFG Social and many more. We are also doing Branding for Startups, Brands, Upcoming Movies, TV Shows, E-Com sites & More. Our total Social Media Reach amounts to 50+ Million every month across all the corners of the World.

Looking at all these Social Media Handles statistically, we are having:

  • Over 1.6 Million Likes on Facebook.
  • Over 5 Million Weekly Engagement on Facebook.
  • Over 15 Million Weekly Page Reach.
  • And the icing to the cake is, there are more than 25k+ People who visit our pages on a daily basis.

Not only on Facebook, but we are also having a huge following on Instagram.

Having such huge numbers as a part of Don’t get serious family is an honor to us. All these numbers collectively empower our position as India’s leading viral news publishing website.

Other Initiatives of Don’t Get Serious

We put our huge fan following to the right use in every circumstance. As we are flourished proudly in India, we firmly believe in giving back to society. In order to support the Indian Economy, Don’t Get Serious becomes a voice for NGOs, Various StartUps easing the lives of Indian People, Emerging Indian Brands, Various TV Shows, E-Commerce Websites, Upcoming Movies and a lot more.

And while doing all of this, we take care of our reputation that we don’t endorse something that is not good for our society.


The main mission of Don’t Get Serious is to share information with our large reader base. It is necessary to be updated with the incidents happening around us. Any change in the law by the government, or any security breach, weather update or launching of a new product.

Everything matters to one or another’s life. At Don’t Get Serious, we provide news in the form of quickies, in a simple language so people of all kinds can easily understand and grasp it. We take care that the article is short & crisp, with all the detailed information in a short format, so that it becomes quick to read and easy to understand.


Our Vision is to become a trustworthy and regular platform for our readers, wherein they can come and get knowledge through our articles. Apart from that, we also firmly believe in sharing and receiving smiles as well as laughter. It can be witnessed through our memes, articles, infographics and the news we share.

We are not just a website but a medium to provide happiness and laughter to their everyday problems through our post to our followers. In the long term, we would like to graduate in our role and serve as many people as possible through our crisp content.

Values – Our Ethical Code of Conduct

Since cial media following and manwe are having such huge soy people are visiting our website. It is necessary that we follow some best practices in order to serve our readers in a better way. Here is our Ethical Code of Conduct which is in the DNA of everyone serving Don’t Get Serious Community:

  • We never ask for personal details. All the content on our website is easily accessible. We don’t demand people’s contact details, their name, e-mail id or any such information. Anyone can come to our website, browse the content and get smiles!
  • NO PLAGIARISM. As a creator, we do believe in giving credits. Whatever content we write, is our own. In case, the content is not our own, we do give credits to the original creator.
  • No Adult Content. We are building a platform for the future of India. Hence, we take care that we don’t publish anything i.e. violent or adult that can make an adverse impact on the mind of people. It is our sole responsibility to make sure that any child can also visit our website and learn something new in his life on a daily basis.

In the end, we would like to reflect that many people and brands have dedicatedly supported us and trusted us. It will be our prime responsibility that we don’t breach their trust and serve them as much as we can.