Adidas Launches their own Headphones, Price Starts at $149


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Playboy launched their own headphones last month and now Adidas has joined them as well. It looks like lifestyle companies such as Adidas and Playboy are currently shifting their focus. Adidas has today launched two headphones. One of those is an in-ear and the other one is on-ear style headphone. It is worth noting that both of the headphones are wireless and Adidas is launching them in partnership with Zound industries.

Both of the newly launched headphones are aimed at sportspersons and athletes like most other Adidas products. Here is what the press release says,

FWD-01 are wireless in-ear headphones, designed for running, and RPT-01 are wireless over-ear headphones, perfect for training sessions in the gym.

Adidas FWD-01 In-Ear Headphones

Adidas-FWD-01 Wireless Headphones

The FWD-01 in-ear headphones are the ones with an around-the-neck design. As per the company, these earphones are best for running and gym sessions. The FWD-01 in-ear headphones come with Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Moreover, the headphones can work up to 16 hours. Also, there’s an IPX4 rating available with the headphones which means it will be safe from dust and sweat. Plus, there’s also USB-Type C port available which is a great move.

The FWD-01 in-ear headphones will be priced at $149 and will be available in dark grey color. This headphone will be shipping from 25th September.

RPT-01 On-Ear Headphones

The other headphone launched today is the RPT-01 headphones. These are on-ear type headphones and are wireless as well with Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Adidas aims these headphones for people who do intense gym training. The RPT-01 will provide up to 40 hours of playback time. Just like the FWD-01 headphones, these headphones also come with IPX4 and USB Type-C port.

What looks most interesting is the inner headband and the ear cushions are removable and can be washed as well. The RPT-01 will be available for $169 and it will be available in the grey color. There will also be a companion app for both the headphones which will allow more customizations and features.

Adidas Launches their own Headphones, Price Starts at $149
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Adidas Launches their own Headphones, Price Starts at $149
Adidas has today launched two new headphones FWD-01 and RPT-01. Both the headphones are wireless and come with Bluetooth 5.0 Technology.
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