All you need to know about Microdot Technology and How it will prevent Vehicle Theft


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Vehicle loss is a tough situation for anyone. However, Technology is transforming to make human life easier! One such recent introduction government is eyeing on is Microdot technology. The main aim of this technology is to reduce vehicle theft and ease the traceability of a stolen vehicle.

In India, every year near to 2.2 Lacs vehicles is stolen every year. Considering the example of Delhi, every day 100 vehicles go missing. Whereas, the recovery rate is just 30 Vehicles per month.

Since there is a huge gap between theft and recovery, the police department believes that the thieves disassemble and sell the parts of the automobile instead. Therefore, tracing the stolen vehicle becomes almost impossible.

What is Microdot Technology? How will it function?

Microdot Technology involves the spraying of thousands of multidots all over the automobile through laser etching. These microdots constituting the Vehicle Identification Number will spray not only on the external body but also on the internal parts viz. Engine, Chassis, etc.

It is impossible for an individual to remove these dots. Therefore, the police can easily identify the stolen parts and establish the identity of stolen parts. In this manner, the traders who deal in stolen parts can also be identified.

Apart from that, it is also noteworthy that the local garages exchange original parts with duplicate/stolen ones. The Microdot technology will be a crackdown on them. Hence, they will be forced to stop such bad practices.

Till when can we expect the implementation of Microdot Technology?

Realizing the significance of Microdot technology, now you must be curious that when will it be available in the market. Right now the government is consulting some experts and our official technical body CMVR-TSC. (Central Motor Vehicles Rule – Technical Standing Committee).

Consulting the police and taking their views on it, the CMVR-TSC will finalize the norms for this practice. Once the norms are clear, the transport ministry will direct the manufacturers to start adopting microdot technology.

Prior to implementation, the transport ministry will also take views from industries and consumers through their website. This will prevent any ambiguity or mishappening while adopting the microdot technology.

Vehicle loss is something we all wish never to happen. We are having our hard-earned money and memories involved in it. Let’s hope that Microdot Technology comes soon to the market for our rescue.