Amarnath Yatris : Get Back To Your House ASAP : Announcement By J&K Government


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The latest news is coming from Jammu & Kashmir that the government has declared an announcement for the Amarnath Yatris to return to their respective cities as soon as they can on Friday because there is a chance of terror attack because the intelligence department has given some input regarding “specific terror threats”.

The principal secretary of Jammu &  Kashmir has passed a security advisory in which he has told the Amarnath tourist to return as quickly as possible to refrain themselves from all dangerous if there is any on the way. The announcement said, “Considering the latest view we received from the intelligence bureau which has Amarnath Yatris on their target and providing strict security in the Kashmir Valley it is highly recommended that all curtails and stays of the tourist should be canceled and they should reach their home soon and all the necessary transportation should be provided to them so that they can reach”.

The Yatra has been suspended till 4rth of August and after that, it will completely depend upon the scenario, if everything will be fine then the place will get open again for tourists else it will remain closed till everything becomes cold. If you are one of those who are traveling to Amarnath then take a U-turn and go back to your home.

Also, the army officers told to media that they have already covered the Pakistan-made mine area including the Amarnath route and not allowing the tourist to go further. We hope everything will be fine there and the Yatris will reach their home safely and we will also pray that our heroes will stay safe on the areas they have covered for our safety. Stay tuned, we will be right back with more updates and enjoy your life to the fullest, be happy and healthy!




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