Arabian Sea Returns 2,15,000 Kg Garbage During High Tides In Mumbai


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During my childhood, I have heard many people say the sea returns whatever it takes. It looks like those words were very true. The city of Mumbai which is currently already facing a hard time due to the monsoons and other problems has a few more issues to deal with. During the high tides, the Arabian sea has washed up more than 215,000 kilograms of garbage onto Mumbai’s shoreline.

Mumbai is a city which generates tonnes of waste each day and struggles to manage it. More importantly, there is the problem of littering. From the streets of Mumbai to the Arabian sea, the problem of littering is everywhere. And now, the Arabian sea has returned a lot of that garbage back to us. Karma is it?

Due to the washup of garbage, the beaches across the city look like a sea of garbage. Moreover, the rain has made it even worse. The famous Marine drive and the roads of the area are completely filled with trash. The same scenario can be experienced in the other parts of the shoreline as well.

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Polluting the sea is not a joke. We can’t just throw whatever we want into the sea. The marine life is already facing huge problems due to us and it’s time to stop. We should take care of the environment as much as we can and our trash should be disposed of properly. Throwing everything into the sea can never be an option and people need to understand that. Check out all the shocking images which show us how bad the situation is.

Once we stop littering our streets and oceans we can actually focus on the beauty of Mumbai.

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