Arif Chaudhary : The First Indian Boy Who Entered The Finale Round Of B-Boying World Championship


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When it comes to breaking all the barriers to achieve dreams, India is the country that stays in the first position! Whether it is dance, singing, or any talent, if Indian people get the opportunity to showcase their hidden talent, they make sure that they take the full advantage of the chance.

Dance, it has unlimited forms, and it is not possible to give justice to all kind of dance forms by one person, but what if a person chooses a dance form and become master in it? Something similar has happened with Arif Chaudhary, a Mumbai based boy whose dream was to become popular and known by the name “best B-boying” dancer and seems like he is very much near to the door of success.

Arif Chaudhary has broken all the standing barriers in front of him and successfully entered the final round of world dance championship that will be held on 9th November 2019 in Mumbai city.

He got eliminated before, but he is now back as the wild-card entry and will be competing with the top 16 contestants of the B-boys category. This is his the most awaited chance to prove himself and we hope he will do so with his full effort and dedication.

Arif Chaudhary is just 21 years old and holding the award of the national championship and that too 3 times. When sources interviewed him, Arif told them that he is passionate about B-boying since he was 10 years old and he used to take part in the annual function of his schools and he used to dance there.

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Achieving dreams is not at all easy, it takes a lot from you. People usually hide their talent beneath themselves because of fear of what people will say or what if they fail, these type of thinking should not hit your mind. If you really want to make everyone remember your name, you have to become a masterpiece by focusing on achieving your results instead of caring about what society people are bombarding!

We wish Arif Chaudhary, all the very best!


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