Ashwini Choubey: Union Minister Of Patna Got Attacked With Ink


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People of Patna city seem to be really angry with the government because as we all know, Patna city is facing issues of many kinds since the flood and it’s really a problematic scenario for the localities.

Recently Ashwini Chaubey visited Patna Medical College and Hospital to take an idea upon what are the strategies people and doctors are using to rescue themselves from dangerous diseases such as dengue, malaria, chicken gunia and more.

He went to the institute on Tuesday morning when the incident took place. Ashwini Chaubey, after completing his meeting and having discussions with the respective team of doctors was boarding his vehicle to went back to his place when a man in angered carrying a plastic bottle just flung blue ink at him. After the moment he threw the ink, Ashwini Chaubey’s jacket became blue.

The person who threw ink on the union minister of Patna was recognized as Nishant Jha who calls himself an office-bearer. He is the office – bearer of Papu Yadav Jan Adhikar Party (JAP) student’s wing.

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There was not one but two persons who gave results to this incident however one person wearing a black jeans with a blue T-shirt flew away from the incident spot whereas the other was caught by the security people.

When sources talked to Chaubey about the incident he said, “The police should strictly take action against this matter and book culprits as soon as they can”.

Also, the sources talked to the person who threw ink and asked him the reason behind doing this to which he replied, ” This is to let him know that what it feels like to be ignored. These people having power in hand never listens to problems of common people.”

This year 1273 cases of dengue have been registered from Patna city and we want people to stay healthy. Let’s hope for the best.


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