Ban of Exports on Indian Items hits Pakistan’s Medical Stock


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On 5th August, Amit Shah announced in Rajya Sabha (The Upper House of Parliament) regarding suspending the Article 370. Since then, Pakistan has completely suspended the trade relations with India. It means that there wouldn’t be any import or export of commodities to and fro India.

However, this Ban is now becoming the ache in the throat of the Pakistani Government. You might’ve noticed ‘Tomato’ Memes going viral across Social Media. But now, things are going terrible for Pakistan.

As we all are familiar, that India is one of the largest manufacturers of Pharmaceuticals. Prior to the ban, Pakistan used to import readymade medicines as well as raw materials from Indian Pharmaceutical Companies. But, with the ban going into action, there is a severe shortage of necessary medicines all across Pakistan.

Besides that, the Pakistan Government is also not letting the companies utilize the commodities which have already reached ports and airports.

Due to this, the Employee’s Federation of Pakistan (EPF) has requested the government to kindly allow them to use Indian raw material for the production of medicine in their own country.

Apart from that, it is also seeking permission for the selling of necessary medicine in Pakistan. Otherwise, it would become tough for some patients to survive in the absence of proper medicines.

Not stopping here, EPF has also suggested the government to either allow Indian raw material or make some alternate arrangement of the same.

It is necessary for a government to take a decision after complete planning. Otherwise, it is the nation and people who has to suffer.