Brand New BMW Car Pushed Into River Because Haryanvi Boy Wanted A Jaguar


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Today’s generation is really stubborn, they did not realize that in life always getting what they want is not possible. There is a huge mentality gap between the old generation and the growing generation because of which many problems are appearing in families. Is it a fault of parents? Or the group of friends in which a kid is being involved? Well, in this scenario, the fault of is of no one, because after a stage people start thinking on their own and become capable to identify what is right and wrong.

Recently an incident took place in Harayana, Yamunagar where a boy received a BMW car instead of Jaguar. The problem is not here! The actual problem is, he demanded Jaguar and his dad bought him a BMW. Boiling into anger, the guy took a step of pushing the brand new BMW into the river.

Not only this, but he also recorded the video of the entire incident and posted it on his social media accounts, this information was given by a police officer to IANS.

Later, don’t know what came into the guy’s mind, but he was trying to take the car out of the river after few minutes he pushed it into the river.

It’s a fact that sometimes, we take such steps in anger that should not be taken and we should focus on what actions we are performing or what we are speaking because words once out of the mouth could not be taken back and if it hurts, apologies can also not help!

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