Chennai Beach : Bioluminescent Waves Have Beautiful Glow


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Beaches are surely a wonderful place to spend time with friends, loved ones, family or alone. If you are living in a city where a beach is available then you are one of the luckiest people on this planet because spending time alone at a beach is a very peaceful thing. When you are happy or sad or want to spend time alone, you can go for a long walk at the beach and enjoy the soothing wind.

Recently people living in Chennai witnessed something amazing at the Thiruvanmiyur beach. It was Sunday night and people were enjoying their weekend walk when they saw something sparkling in blue color. That glowing thing was actually waves of the beach that were coming. These waves are known by the name of bioluminescent waves which can be seen in blue color at the night time.

Nature is indeed a very miraculous thing. We cannot predict what we will get to see and at what time. These bioluminescent waves are common in places like Goa and other countries and people of Chennai witnessed it for the first time.

Do visit beaches, it is a quiet peaceful feeling to see the deep ocean from a distance.



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