Cigarette Butts Are a Huge Trash Issue, And Now We Know They’re Harming Plant Growth


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Cigarette butts are pretty much harmful if they are left in the grass or soil. According to a new study, it can even harm the nearby plant growth. This study was conducted by Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, England. This study found that thrown cigarette butts in the grass or soil can reduce the germination, or even in the development of plants. So, it is needed to acknowledge that discarded cigarette remnants can be a pollutant for the environment.

According to the study, cigarette butt reduces the germination process on the grass by 10%, on clover by 27% and the length of the shoot by 13% and 28%. This study was even published in the Journal of Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety. Although the most dangerous pollutant is plastic straws, still cigarette butts are also a contaminant for the environment. According to the reports provided by the BBC, by average more than 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are dumped globally each year. 

Although it is difficult for estimating the accurate number of discarded cigarettes around the globe. The estimation is made by calculating on the basis of 5.6 trillion cigarettes are manufactured each year around the globe. One of the most common ingredients which are used in the filter of a cigarette is cellulose acetate, it is pretty dangerous for the environment. Cellulose acetate is a type of plastic which can take more than a decade for the decomposition process. 

The study claimed that cigarette provides harm to the environment in both cases, the smoke causes air pollution as well as the cigarette butt causes soil pollution. So the environmental activate trying to ban the cigarette butts in order to protect the environment from harmful substances. Although this proposal of the man was failed, a strict law was passed for cigarette littering to decrease the pollution.


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