Cleanest Diwali Air in Mumbai in the Last Five Years


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Every year around Diwali, we get to listen to the Air Pollution Woes from various organizations. However, there is good news for those people who are worried about Air Pollution. In the last Few Years, Air has never been so much clean in Mumbai during Diwali when comparing it with the present year.

Strange but it is true. On Sunday, the Air Quality Index in Mumbai was PM2.5 was 30 during the day, which increased to 87 by evening. While AQI on Monday was 118, for Tuesday it was 70, and 76 for Wednesday.

Speaking about this, Gufran Beig, Project Director, System of Air Quality Weather Forecasting And Research (SAFAR) said,

“Cyclone Kyarr has managed to keep air pollution levels to its lowest for the west coast, and of the four cities where SAFAR records air quality, Pune followed by Mumbai were the cleanest, while ‘moderate’ pollution was witnessed in Ahmedabad, and ‘very poor’ levels in Delhi during Diwali.”

As per the categorization of SAFAR, AQI levels from 0-50 are good, 51-100 are satisfactory, 101-200 are moderate, 201-300 is poor, 301-400 is very poor, and above 401 is severe.

Last year, Mumbai recorded an AQI of 221 on Diwali and 305 AQI, a day after Diwali. It is noteworthy that Mumbai recorded high pollution levels during Diwali 2017 when the AQI was 204 on Diwali and 319 a day after Diwali.

Whereas in 2016, an AQI of 278 was recorded on Diwali day and 315 the day after. In 2015, the city recorded an AQI of 279 on Diwali day and 313 the day after.

We hope that the pollution in the entire India decreases gradually. So that we can preserve our environment.


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