Constable Carries Two Girls On Shoulder: Walks 1.5 KM In Flood


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Kerala, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and many separate states are the victims of surges and going through lots of difficulty because every area is flooded now and it is creating a daunting task for residentials to go out of the house and people living in lower areas. Currently, in many cities of Kerala, 12 partners including navy and army have been placed at diverse regions to carry out the rescue process for the people who are stuck in flood.

Recently, a video posted by ANI channle has been spreading viral on social media and in which a constable police officer, “Pruthviraj Jadeja” is carrying two girls of merely 7-8 years on shoulders and taking them into a sheltered place by wandering into the flood. He walked for complete 1.5 KM in flood prevailing both the girls on shoulder. This rescue operation took place in Kalyanpar village of Morbi district in Gujarat state.

This was quite a hazardous move taken by the constable but people were with him to guard all the 3 individuals. Walking in water is definitely an entertaining responsibility but when it is about walking for almost 2 Kilometers in flood carrying two girls that too on shoulders is not at all less than risking the life of all 3 but salute to this officer who showed the courage and without speculating about his own life, saved both girls.

We are relaxed that all of them are safe. Hats off to every single individual who are helping people stuck in flood in various manners such as by providing them food, water or donating clothes to the needy. All the states going through flood are on high alerts, and if you are reading this news, we highly recommend you to not to step out of your house if it is not necessary. Stay harmonized with us!


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