Creepy ‘Ladki Milegi’ Text Found Written On Seats of Panvel-Thane Slow Local

On a Monday afternoon, a shocking creepy text was found scribbled on the seats of Panvel Thane slow local.

The creepy text was “Ladki Milegi,” and it was found written on the seats of 99030/ Panvel Thane slow local. The train departs from Panvel at 12:19 PM and arrives at 1:12 PM in thane.

Ladki Milegi message panvel thane local train

The incident was first reported from the first class compartment of the suburban local train where commuters pay three to four times more than the second class commuters without getting extra privileges.

However, after the incident was reported to Central Railway, CPRO Shivaji Sutar said that “We will definitely investigate and nab the culprit. We sincerely request commuters not to damage Railway property. We will also be more vigilant about miscreants damaging locals.”

Also, defacing the railway premises or trains can lead a commuter to pay penalties or stay in imprisonment. Hence, the Railways expects the passengers to follow all the civic behavior rules.

However, over the years, the passengers have complained about torn seats, litter found in the compartment of local trains. And to reduce these things, trains have started charging a premium fare for this category of travel on the suburban railways.