Delhi Traffic Jam saves a Man from getting Kidnapped: Read Full Story


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All of us hate Traffic Jams. We all wish, that we never get stuck in one! However, this time the Delhi Traffic Jam has proved to be a boon for a man Rijwal. To our astonishment, this massive traffic jam wasn’t during rush hours, but in the mid of night.

Rijwal was going back to his home when the kidnappers attacked him and get into his car. He was going towards Janakpuri when the kidnappers entered the car and snatched his keys.

Later on, the car of these kidnappers got stuck in a massive traffic jam in the Uttam Nagar – Janakpuri area in just a span of 7 minutes.

Speaking about the incident, DCB Operations Mr. Sharat Kumar Sinha says,

“The incident was reported at around 2 am. The victim’s brother informed the police that the four men had waylaid Rijwal’s car near Janakpuri and kidnapped him. He told police that the car had the word “High Lander” written on its windshield. A PCR team then mounted a chase and spotted the car near the Uttam Nagar crossing while the driver was frantically trying to get past the traffic jam to reach the Najafgarh Road.”

When the police was laying the plan to catch them, all the 4 kidnappers tried to run away from the car. However, police were able to caught one of them. In this way, the rescue operation of Rijwal was successfully carried out.

Police are still searching for the remaining three culprits who are still out of their reach.

More than Delhi Police, we need to thank the Delhi Traffic Jam who saved life of Rijwal!



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