Dharavi Reports No New Covid-19 Case First Time Since February 2

Mumbai’s Dharavi is the biggest slum area of the country India where millions of people live in a very congested manner. The Covid pandemic is now getting in control, and the best part is that no new covid cases have concurred in the Dharavi area since February 2nd, 2021.

At present, the second wave was hitting the country, but people controlled it very nicely by following the COVID rules & regulations. However, we lost thousands of people as well including frontline fighters.

COVID Cases History in Dharavi Area: People Are Aware!

No New COVID Cases in Mumbai's Dharavi Since Feb 2

To date, the total number of cases reported in Dharavi is 6,861. Presently, there are only 13 active cases. Talking about the death ratio, we lost 359 people in the second wave which was SARS-CoV-2 since February 1, 2021.

COVID Case Report After 2nd February 2021:

The second wave won’t be sparing you if you will not take proper precautions. After recording 0 cases, the cases rise up to 90 new cases daily from the Dharavi area in the month of March & April. The government has released some restrictions, but still, we need to understand that a bit of mistake can do anything.

Dharavi is not the only area, different parts of Mumbai like Mahim, and Dadar has also recorded a good number of infections, and in particular Dadar area, there were more than 9000 cases.

Vaccination Drive Can Help Us:

Even though you are done with both doses of vaccination, it is not mandatory that you cannot have corona again. Being responsible citizens of India, it should be our duty to follow all rules, wear double masks, and step out of the homestead for emergency work only.

We give condolences to all those families who lost their loved ones in this pandemic. We wish that we all together will come out of this soon, and we will be able to live our lives in the old manner. Take care, maintain social distance, wear a mask, and eat good food.