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If you are fond off instant gaming on Facebook, then this is important news from you. Facebook has now shifted the Instant Gaming tab. The gaming tab was introduced in the messenger a few months back. Hence, the people who wish to play games can open the messenger and start playing any games instantly.

This facility was providing seamless chatting as well as gaming experience to the users. However, in the recent feature upgrade, the position of Instant Gaming tab will be changing. Due to this, the gamers on Facebook have to shift their position to find their favorite destination!

What is Instant Gaming on Facebook?

In case you are not aware, instant gaming is the feature of Facebook through which you can play various games directly on Facebook. i.e. there is no need to download multiple applications for playing games. All you have to do is to click on Instant Gaming and click on the game you want to play. And boom! You can play your favorite games in a single click.

Where is the new position?

If you are still curious whether Facebook has removed the Instant gaming or not, well you can still access it. Instead of the messenger, you can now directly access the Facebook Instant gaming in the Facebook application itself. Due to this, the people who are not using messenger can also play games on Facebook through the app.

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