Excerpts from PM Narendra Modi’s Address to the Nation on Article 370


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Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation today at 8 o’clock. Since morning, there was a lot of fuss ongoing that what’s the next big thing from our PM. Everyone is aware that How shocking some of his announcements are! Therefore, many of us stuck to the television screen during his address.

We’re here sharing the excerpts from PM Narendra Modi’s today’s address for our readers who missed it:

Path of Kashmir after the abolishment of Article 370 and 35A

PM Narendra addressing nation for first time after scrapping Article 370 and 35A

Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh were at the centre of NaMo’s address. He requests the citizen’s of India to stand with the people of these regions. As our support will play a crucial role in their development.

In the initial phase, he described that How Article 370 and 35A were a big hurdle to the development of Kashmir. However, he welcomed the move and congratulated to the people for welcoming this new & positive change. He described his plans for developing Kashmir as a tourist spot, Jammu as a manufacturing hub and Ladakh as a Social Power as well as Tourist Hub.

However, he didn’t miss taking a jibe over the past government! He expressed that How Kashmiri youths were suppressed of development because of Mufti and Abdullah Family. PM also said that there are instances where people were voting in Central Elections but weren’t allowed to vote in the State Elections.

However, since the time has changed, PM suggested people in these regions move forward positively. The main motive of his today’s address to the nation was to win the confidence of people of Kashmir, Ladakh and Jammu. So that people can start trusting him and get aligned with whatever thought process he is carrying for their development.