Fine of Rs. 23000/- for Rs. 15000/- Scooty: Effect of Motor Vehicle Act 2019


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Since, the school time, we all hate fines. Be it a fine for breaking a rule in a school, a public place or even at a traffic juncture. No one of us wishes to pay fine for breaking any rule. However, due to either circumstance, we have to pay as we don’t have any other option.

Nowadays, the Motor Vehicle Act of 2019 is making it to the news. Because the amount of fine is increased up to 10 times than that of earlier fine. Although many people are opposing it, we all are helpless before the government.

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But, not more helpless than this man who is fined Rs. 23,000/- while riding his scooty worth Rs. 15,000/- only.

What is the story?

Dinesh Madan is a common man like us who commutes through a two-wheeler. After the recent Motor Vehicle Act 2019 came into effect, he was caught by a traffic police officer. As he wasn’t wearing a Helmet, he imposed a fine of Rs. 1000/- on him.

Later on, while checking other documents, PUC (Pollution Under Control) Certificate, as well as RC (Registration Certificate), was also missing. For violating pollution laws, he was fined Rs. 10000/- and for driving without RC, he was fined Rs. 5000/-

His scooty didn’t have insurance, which raises the sum for 2000/- more. Last, but not the least, he wasn’t also carrying his license, which raises the fine for 5000/- more making the total sum equal to Rs. 23,000/-

What is Dinesh Madan’s say on this?

On this incident, Dinesh said,

“I wasn’t wearing a helmet and didn’t have the registration certificate (RC). The traffic police asked me to give him my scooter’s key but I refused. He immediately printed a challan of Rs.23,000 and seized my vehicle.”

Later, He also added,

“The value of my scooter is around 15,000. I even got a copy of the registration on WhatsApp from my home but by then the police officer had printed the fine.The amount could have been less if he had waited for a while. I want that the fine should be relaxed. From now, on I will always carry my documents,”

Since the amount of fine is so much high, it is becoming very terrible for two-wheeler riders to commute. A person who rides a two-wheeler is someone who couldn’t afford a car and is working hard for meeting the needs of his family.

At such time, paying such a high fine amount becomes terrible. But, on the other hand, it is necessary that people obey the traffic rules. What are your thoughts on this incident?

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Fine of Rs. 23000/- for Rs. 15000/- Scooty: Effect of Motor Vehicle Act 2019
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Fine of Rs. 23000/- for Rs. 15000/- Scooty: Effect of Motor Vehicle Act 2019
Fine of Rs. 23000/- for Rs. 15000/- Scooty after implementing Motor Vehicle Act 2019
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