First Rains and Now Potholes are washing image of Vadodara Municipal Corporation


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This year there is a tremendous downpour all across the nation. However, the news of Vadodara Rain was something which was noticed even at the international level. Even after that, there is continuous rainfall on a daily basis.

Although people enjoy the rain, rain in abundance is creating new issues for the people. In Entire Vadodara, the road network is 1400 KMs long. And Barodians know well, what is the condition of all these roads!

Except for the external or main roads, most of the internal roads are washed away due to rainfall. Speaking about the potholes, City Engineer PM Patel said,

“During slow and steady rains, water tends to stay on the road longer and percolates in the roads damaging them.”

When will the conditions improve?

Whatever be the reason, people of Vadodara wish to have good roads in order to commute properly! It is noteworthy that bad roads are leading to many unfortunate incidents! Couple of days back a school kid fell in a pothole, thanks to VMC!

VMC Engineer is claiming,

“Roads built in the last three years have not been damaged in the city. We have increased the defect liability period for roads from three years to five years. We have also started ensuring that new roads have a seal coat to prevent damage during rains.”

However, we all are aware of what is the real condition of roads in Vadodara. VMC is carrying out haphazard digging on the roads and leaving them without any kind of attention.

People of Vadodara are paying a lot of taxes, but they aren’t getting a proper return. Is there anyone who can turn our city beautiful again?


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