Former Union Minister P Chidambaram Arrested By CBI From Home


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Just several hours behind, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has held former union minister P Chidambaram. They accumulated him up directly from his home and since then tremendous drama has been performed outside his home located in south Delhi. People continued shouting various slogans and at this instant P Chidambaram is with CBI, they are investigating him.

All this disturbance started today evening. CBI blocked P Chidamabaram after 24 hours. Till 24 hours he was hiding in his residence and switched off his phone.

Communicating with the media for just a few minutes, Mr. P Chidambaram designated out that he is not at all connected in the bribery case. To add to this, he also said to communications that he believes in the law even if it is given by the investigation agencies.

Chidamabaram said to investigative agencies, “I can only pray and hope that all the investigating agencies will do their work with a proper process and will respect the law. Currently, the respect for law phrase represents only one thing that is waiting for the Supreme Court to disclose the decision on coming Friday. Until Friday let’s hope that everything will be fine.”

The moment he got arrested, the chaos started in front of his house. While he was in the car, people (supporters) were shouting slogans. According to the investigation, it has been found that P Chidamabaram was giving a huge amount of foreign funds to INX Media which is a television company and at that time he was serving the country as the finance minister in the UPA government.

Also, Chidamabaram is denying all allegations put on him and he is saying that all these things are politically motivated and he has nothing to do with the corruption matter. Stay tuned and wait till Friday to see what the Supreme Court has to say!



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