Founder of CCD VG Siddhartha Commits Suicide : Body Found In Netravati River After 36 Hours


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What does coffee mean into your life? Is it only a beverage or does it remind you of your first date? Whenever we feel like enjoying the time with self, we definitely look out for a cup of hot coffee. So, there was Cafe Coffee Day, an outlet which was known for serving the best coffee. No wonder when you are happy, sad or confused, a hot cup of cappuccino in cafe coffee day, always made you think about the solution.

Cafe Coffee Day was the only option available in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru whenever people thought about grabbing a cup of coffee before Barisa, Starbucks or Tea Leaf and other big names came into existence and people used to love the essence of the coffee made in Cafe Coffee Day.

But the question that is hitting our mind badly is why did VG Siddhartha, the founder of Cafe Coffee Day commit suicide? What was it that made him take this step? Well, everybody is in shock and mourning for his peaceful journey towards heaven.

In business, there are times when you walk on the path of success, but there are times too when you go through the worst days of your life. Something similar might have happened in VG Siddhartha’s life too. Since Monday evening VG Siddhartha was missing from his home and after searching him for 36 – hours, his body was found and pulled out from the Netravati River. He also left a suicide note at his place in which he wrote about his entire CCD family. Police are trying to get to the bottom of this case and trying to figure out whether it is actually a suicide or a murder.

Anyways, we pray that he rests in peace and committing suicide is not the solution, even when life is showing you your worst days you should not commit suicide. There is always a solution to every problem. Please do not take debts if you are unsure that you will pay it back, keep doing your work and be happy!


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