Get A Chance To Fly As Wing Commander Abhinandan By Playing IAF Mobile Game


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Have you ever imagined that how will it be like if you get an opportunity to fly a fighter plane, in a game? This might be beyond your imagination, but now the Indian Air Force has made it possible by officially launching the IAF game and by playing this game, you can fly as Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthman.

Now, what this game is about? The Indian Air Force : A Cut Above is the game is officially developed by the heroes working in the Indian Air Force by taking assistance of an Indian-based developer, in this game you have to consider yourself as an actual fighter pilot because you will be thrilled after playing this game as enjoying the life of our Air Force pilots.

The game has received 4.5 stars on Google Play Store whereas 2 stars on the Apple Store which means that the game is not that bad. While flying the plane, you will pass through various thrilling locations such as seas, deserts, mountains and more and you have to reach the destination safely without clashing with any of these.

The game sounds really interesting, doesn’t it? So, what are you waiting for? Download the game today and start playing!


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