Global Warming Is Getting Worse: Its More Wider Than Earth’s Previous 2K Years


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Global warming is a serious issue on which channels, media agencies, governments, and of course the weather forecasting department keeps on discussing but seems like the condition is getting worse year after year. When compared to the global warming rate of present date with Earth’s last 2000 years, it has been found that the condition is worse at this moment.

Global warming does affect every individual’s health badly and the fossil fuel industry has informed us that there was a time known as “Roman Warm Period” between 250 Ad to 400 AD when people, for the very first time, witnessed the weather which was quite warm and the location where this happened was Europe.

After this, as time passed and people entered in the 800-1200 AD time, they again witnessed the “Medieval Climate Anomaly” in which temperature rose drastically. The 3rd era was the ice age era between the 1300 to 1850 AD in which people saw the river Thames completely frozen.

The team working on this has told that there might be a fundamental flaw we missed to understand while doing our research but now they have understood that the rise in temperature is now normal but global warming has spread across the world in a massive proportion.

To add to that, this current century which is the 21st century is the far worse than the last 2000 years. So, if you are reading this, its a humble request to all of you that please take care of the planet. We all humans can together make this thing easy.

Plant more trees around you, save water, don’t waste food, use less plastic, keep your surroundings clean and by doing all these things we can surely make our earth more greener.


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