Goa Says No To Plastic: Supports Plastic Bans In Entire State


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Beaches are beautiful places in the world where you can visit anytime and relax! We adore to see sunsets at shingles and hang out there but what we neglect is to keep it pollution-free. We constantly shout that plastic items should be forbidden but on the other hand, we are the only people who make the most use of plastic.

Well, as we are talking about beaches, Goa is the place where millions of tourists come from different countries every month to enjoy the breeze of beaches but seem like our beaches are no more safe from plastic. You can discover n number of plastic bottles floating in the water, glasses threw randomly, food items are thrown here and there, we think it does not harm anybody’s life but guys there is a whole different life underneath the water which gets attacked because of all these garbage that we throw into the water.


The Goa city has come forward now and the Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) has announced that there will be no more use of plastic cups, bottles, and straw in the entire state. Not only this, but the GTDC has also announced that plastic will be eliminated from hotels as well.

In an interview the chairman of GTDC Dayanand Sopte told, “We have made this decision to protect our state from pollution and make our state more environment friendly. Growing plastic and using it is a mjaor concern and banning it will make our state and country more safe plastic-free.



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