Google Photos Update: You can now Copy Text from Photos


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Google is always updating their own applications with new and useful features. They are one of the best when it comes to artificial intelligence or AI. In the case of Google Photos, the use of AI is pretty visible. All the photos you upload are automatically organized as per album, date, etc. Moreover, Google Photos also creates collages and small animated clips. Even after having all these fancy features Google has silently released a new update which will improve it’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Thanks to the update you will now be able to copy, translate and search texts in images straight from Google Photos application.

These new features were first spotted by some twitter users. Later Google confirmed the features by posting a tweet from their official Google Photos twitter handle. Coming to the update, using this feature is pretty easy. Assuming you already have the image uploaded in Google Photos, open the image from which you want to copy text. Next tap on the lens button which you will see at the bottom. Once Google Lens is done with processing the image you can then select and copy texts from the image. You can have a look at the images below.

Google Photos Update: Now Copy Texts from Images Directly

It is worth noting that the feature was already present in Google Lens application. However, this update enhances it even further. Google started to roll out this feature during the start of this month. It is still not clear why they didn’t announce the feature. Anyways, if you have updated the Google Photos app in this month you probably have the update even without realizing. In case if you do not find this feature try going to PlayStore or App Store and check for updates.

So, do you like this awesome new feature? What other new feature would you like to see in OCR technology? Let us know in the comments below.


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