Google’s new Smart Screenshots will Soon Let You Search using Your Screenshots


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If you own an Android smartphone then you can already check what is on your screen using the Google app. In case if you are not aware then try using the ‘what’s on my screen’ feature from the Google app. This is really one of the most cool features that your Android device can have. However, it now looks like Google is adding a new feature which will let you search the web, based on your screenshot.

Google Smart Screenshots

The folks at 9to5Google have torn down the apk file of Google application. As per their finding, it looks like the tech giant is going to going to add this new feature and will link it with screenshot notification feature. The screenshot notification currently has a share and edit button. In the apk file, a new ‘Smart Screenshots’ has been found and it is linked to a whole new toolbar design. This feature will come up when you will take a screenshot.

You can see from the above photo that this new feature has a Google Lens button in addition to the currently present share and edit buttons. Once you select the ‘Lens’ option from the updated menu you will be able to perform a search for any of the contents present in the photo. You can also find visually similar objects and can perform optical character recognition (OCR) if you want to.

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The teardown report of the apk says everything about the ‘Smart Screenshots’ is not yet clear. Google Lens will either analyze only the screenshots taken within the Google app or will be applicable for all screenshots (which will be much more useful).

Other than the new Smart Screenshots, the teardown also shows us the Google Podcasts will be getting a new bookmark feature. Within the player window, there will now be a new bookmark button. It should be handy if you listen to Podcasts. There will also be a new tutorial for Assistant’s gestures in Android 10 among other changes.

Google will soon let you Search using Your Screenshots
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Google will soon let you Search using Your Screenshots
You will be able to search the web using the content of your screenshots soon using the Google Application thanks to the new Smart Screenshots feature.
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