Govt’s Plan Of Action Revelead In Photo Of Amit Shah That Was Clicked Just Before The Big Announcement


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The time when the Indian government bombed the announcement regarding the decision they took about revoking the Article 370 for the Jammu and Kashmir, just a few hours back of this announcement, a photograph of Amit Shah was clicked in which he is seen holding some documents which are revealing some upcoming plans of the Modi 2.0 government.

In that picture of Amit Shah, it is clearly visible that there is some document between his hands when he is going to the parliament and that particular document exposed a lot of things which was having some terms such as “Informing President”, “Informing Vice President” and much more were there.

Just after a few hours of this photograph, an announcement came out in which Amit Shah informed the nation that the government has decided to nullify Article 370 that gives status to Jammu & Kashmir and from now onwards, Jammu and Kashmir will be recognized as two different union territories with an assembly whereas Ladakh will be known as a union territory too but it won’t be having any kind of assembly.

Article 370 was mentioned in the Constitution that was published on 17th October 1949, in which it has been clearly mentioned that Jammu & Kashmir is a state which has all the rights to draft their own constitution.



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