GSRTC Fixed-Pay Employees Salaries Got Doubled: Declared By Gujarat Government


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Diwali is near and it seems like it is going to be the best Diwali of life for those who are working as a GSRTC fixed – pay employees. The BJP government of Gujarat recently declared that they will be doubling the monthly salaries of employees. The count is around 12,000 employees who will be getting this Diwali bonanza.

The GSRTC employees provide the bus transportation services and this newly announced plan will be implemented from this month only as said by Nitin Patel who is the Deputy Chief Minister of Gujarat.

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In every scenario, no matter whether it is raining heavily or the sun is shining in its full power, the employees working in GSRTC are always ready to work no matter what type of scenario is in front of them unless it is an emergency, they do not stop providing services.

And being a responsible employee, each of them deserves to get their salaries doubled which will make their life easier and smoother. Thanks to Nitin Patel for taking such an amazing step and solving the problems of many!

Employees currently working in the scale-2 as senior officers will get a salary up to Rs. 40,000/- whereas employees working at junior level scale-2 will be getting salary up to Rs. 14,000/- to 38,000/- and employees working in class-3 will be now getting Rs.21,000/- as their salary and drivers or conductors will be paid up to Rs. 11,000/- per month.

This diwali is going to be a really happy one for GSRTC employees. Gujarat government truly know the value of employees working for the government. Happy Diwali to all!






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