Happy Fridges Installed In Chandigarh : An Initiative By NGO


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Wasting food is one of the worst things people do, don’t know why they don’t realize that we are blessed doesn’t mean that we have the right to waste food. Some people die hungry! Instead, we can give the remaining food to the needy people instead of throwing it into the rubbish! When it comes to taking an initiative for doing something good, many people take their step backward, but some of them come forward and pledge to do something good without being selfish. One of them is an NGO in Chandigarh who proudly installed Happy Fridges to make sure people who don’t get food starts getting them and can sleep peacefully.

Even after putting thousands of efforts, lots of food is wasted every day. Recently an entrepreneur who lives in Kochi installed a fridge just in front of her restaurant where people are allowed to store the leftover food.

This helps the homeless people to fill their cravings and now a similar task has been done by an NGO in Chandigarh. Salute to them!

With this initiative of “Happy Fridge”, people can put the food inside the fridge, whenever they want to. These fridges are installed without paying a penny at various commercial complexes and outside some residential buildings which makes it easy for people to drop food items. Homeless people just need to open the fridge and take the food item that they want to eat. They don’t have to pay for anything.

We hope that this initiative will work and they will get success! There are millions of homeless people and being a responsible citizen of the nation it is our duty to help them. Small water droplets make seas and small help or steps can change the life of helpless people. I support this NGO, hope you too!





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