Help Free Balochistan From Pakistan : Baloch Activist To India On Independence Day


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People living in Balochistan got a chance to express their thoughts with Indians and took advantage of the 73rd Independence Day and they confessed that they are in the need of India’s support so that with the help of publics’ support they can get free land that they lost in the domination of Pakistan when its military establishment was going on.

When sources took interview of Atta Baloch who is an activist of Baloch, he said, “First of all, I wish all my Indian sisters and brothers a very Happy 73rd Independence Day. They have made huge success in the past 70 years and I hope this will continue, they will make all Indians proud. We, the people of Balochs are heartily thankful for all the help and solidarity they offered to us. Also, we want them to support us in the movement of a free Balochistan. Jai Hindi and thanks to India.”

The province that exists on borders of Pakistan in the southwestern region has been facing its struggling period from the year 1948 which is a huge time. The people living in Balochistan believes that real independence for them was when they got freedom from British rule in the year 1947 on 11th August.


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