Hindu Penalist Covers Eyes And Rejects To Look At Muslim Anchor At A TV Debate


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“Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isai, aapas me sab Bhai Bhai”. Seems like now people don’t value this phrase at all! No one cares about what crimes are happening in the country, what people do care about is what is happening between Hindus and Muslims. Well, if this is the scenario then are we really proud of being Indian citizens? There is an endless discussion going on – on a serious matter where a person named Amit Shukla requested Zomato to cancel his food order just because the delivery person was a Muslim.

Seriously? Are they not humans? And to add to this, a Hindu Penalist was invited by the news channel to have a deep discussion about this matter where he himself did such action which made the country boil in anger.

The person who was invited by News 24 channel to have a debate on the Zomato matter, Ajay Gautam covered his eyes with both his hands and rejected to see the anchor on the opposite side whose name was Saud Mohammad Khalid, told Sandeep Chaudhary who is an anchor on News 24 Channel, now who needs to be blamed for this and how will he discuss on this issue, if he himself is doing the same thing? There is no difference between the duo.

Ajay Gautam is the founder of “Hum Hindu” which is a Hindu right-wing organization. We all live in India and to make our country better it is important to remove hatred from the heart and accept people of all religion. If this simple term is understood by people, most of the problems will get solved itself.

We hope that this matter will not take a serious turn and everything will be soon sorted out. Let’s spread love and peace instead of hate and negativity! Stay tuned with us!



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