Hope Of Contacting Vikram Lander Fades Away As Lunar Night Arrives


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Chandrayaan 2, the biggest mission of Indian Space Research Organization is indeed a big success, even after not getting 100% success, every citizen of India is proud of ISRO because they put every breath of theirs and tried their best to make this mission a successful one and it is a success!

ISRO was continuously trying to communicate with the Vikram Lander since past few weeks but now the mission has taken a new turn because it is becoming more difficult to get in touch with Vikram Lander because lunar night has now arrived.

Lunar night at the moon started between Friday and Saturday at the land where Vikram Lander as done the hard landing. Now, because of this lunar night, the hope of getting in touch with the Vikram Lander has now come to an end because it is not possible from the end of ISRO to mark it properly.

Vikram Lander was not designed to manipulate the cold temperature up to -180 degrees Celcius. So, as the lunar night has started the temperature will decrease and it will become impossible to communicate. The lunar night will stay up to 14 earth days and temperature will be cold and it won’t be possible for the solar panels to charge itself. During the day, the temperature at the moon facade is nearly about 130 degrees Celcius.

ISRO dissipated its communication with Vikram Lander when it was just 2.1 km faraway from the surface of the moon but our honorable Prime Minister make them feel that their hard work is not a failure.

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When communicated with Nirupam Roy who is working as an assistant professor of Physics subject at Indian Institute of Science (IISc) that is located in Bengaluru, he said, “At this moment, we can say that now there is almost 0 hope of ISRO communicating with the Vikram Lander because the life of the rover is over. It won’t be able to survive in such cold temperature.”

The only process that is available to communicate with Vikram Lander is when it have enough power to revert back and the antenna attached to it should be oriented in the proper direction. Otherwise, the possibility is quite less.

But ISRO, we are still gratified of you and we all wish you the best luck for your next mission. Every single scientist at ISRO is making the nation proud and it will keep doing so that we know. Best luck!


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