How WhatsApp Business is Empowering and Digitizing Indian SMEs?


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If you are allowed to use only one mobile application, preferably most of you will opt for WhatsApp. This application has made all of us habitual to it such that we spend hours of our time chatting with our friends, sharing photographs, important documents, video calls and a lot more.

WhatsApp has made communications so much easy, that you can easily reach out to your friends who are staying thousands of kilometers away. Not only in improving personal relations, but also in the improvement of business relations, WhatsApp is playing a major role.

Realizing the need of the hour, WhatsApp introduced WhatsApp Business. It was the first step which made it easier for the SME Sector to go digital! Since the features of WhatsApp are easily understandable and accessible, WhatsApp became the preferred communication mode for SMEs.

Let me throw some Statistics for your understanding!

  • Out of 1.5 Billion Users of WhatsApp, the largest is in India. There are more than 400 Million Active WhatsApp accounts in India.
  • All across the World, 5 Million Businesses are using WhatsApp Business.
  • Almost 77% of the businesses accept that connectivity with customers improved with the use of WhatsApp.
  • 62% of businesses accept that selling has become easy because of WhatsApp. 

How WhatsApp Business is digitizing Indian SMEs?

Will Cathcart, Global Head of WhatsApp recently said at an event in Delhi,

“Technology can help address some of India’s challenges and enables economic opportunities for small and micro enterprises. But it’s the people who bring it to life.”

Since people became used to WhatsApp, they started getting new ideas for expanding their business. Indian women, who stay between 4 walls of the house are selling handicrafts & clothes through WhatsApp. Apart from that, there are instances where vendors are selling ice creams, tourist packages, medicines and a lot more through WhatsApp!

In case you are not familiar with WhatsApp Business. There is a provision to add details of business including name, address, automatic messages, labels, greetings, etc. in the account. Therefore, if you are not online, still your buyer will get a response from you.

WhatsApp Business as your Customer Support System!

Not only in the matter of selling, but WhatsApp also acts as your customer support system. You can easily reach your customers in a multi-geographical location. Moreover, WhatsApp also facilitates easiness for them to reach you with any query.

What’s next, WhatsApp Payment is set to launch in the country later this year. Due to this, it will become extremely easier for an SME to receive payments from the customer. In the upcoming few years, WhatsApp will cross over billion users only in India. At that time, WhatsApp can act as an integral part of the Indian Economy.

Since SMEs are the backbone of any economy, it is necessary to empower them. WhatsApp is doing it quite well in the case of India!

What are your views on the usage of WhatsApp Business? Are you using WhatsApp for your business? Have you purchased anything through WhatsApp? Do share your experiences with us in comments.