India Stays Awake to Watch Chandrayaan 2 Landing on the South Pole of Moon


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The launch of Chandrayaan 2 was an extreme moment of pride for every Indian. And now, when Chandrayaan 2 Landing is happening on the South Pole of Moon, people are eagerly waiting for that moment.

On the night of 6th and 7th September, Nation is eagerly waiting and praying for the soft landing of Chandrayaan 2 on Moon. Indian Space Research Organization made an announcement on their official twitter handle regarding this.

Why the Chandrayaan 2 Landing is so important for India?

It is noteworthy that ISRO requested for Cryogenic Technology from NASA for this project. However, NASA denied giving technology to us. Hence, the scientist of ISRO invented the technology themselves. Therefore, we can claim that Chandrayaan 2 is completely following the concept of Make In India.

Another thing is about the budget. The budget of a similar project of NASA was a whopping $ 21 billion. While ISRO is accomplishing this project in just $ 1.2 billion. NASA is astonished that How can ISRO complete this project at such a low cost.

Due to all these reasons, the entire nation is eagerly waiting for Chandrayaan 2 Landing. You will be shocked to know, that our PM Narendra Modi is also at the ISRO Space Centre in Bengaluru where he is watching it live along with some selected people through the Quiz.

It is an extreme moment of pride for all the Indians and we must not miss watching this historic moment. We wish all the best, to ISRO and thank them for letting us witness this glorious event.



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