India Tea Seller Couple Travelled To 17 Countries: An Inspiring Story


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From millions of people, there are only a few who have the courage of living their life on their own terms and today we have an inspiring story that can make you go dreamy. When this tea seller was a kid, he used to stole grains from his own home so that he can explore new places by earning money through selling them. That kid is now a 65-year-old man who proudly visited more than 10 countries by saving money through selling an unlimited cup of tea.

Since childhood, his only dream was to explore as many places as possible. The tea-seller couple was not selling tea, with it they also used to sell a plate of idli and customers used to enjoy the meal but never noticed them. You might be wondering how it is possible to explore 17 countries by selling tea right?

The tea sellers used to save 300/- every day a very small amount and his wife Mohana used to keep that 300/- safe in the drawer. As we all know the fact that “Boond boond se hi sagar banta hai”, saving 300/- every day means they saved 9000/- every month which further sums to 1 lakh rupees per anum.

In an interview, Vijayan said, my wife never got an opportunity to travel ahead of the Ernakulam city and now we have together explored UK, Egypt, Germany, France, Singapore, Israel, Austria and Italy and more.

We already have a tea-seller as a Prime Minister in our country and now this man is making the country proud by leaving an example of what are the true ways to live life. Life is only one and you don’t have to worry about those things that you cannot control. Make your own rules, live your passion and be an example for the world. Enjoy and have fun!




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