Instagram Music is Live in India: Here’s How to Use it!


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The days when you keep seeing ‘Instagram Music is not available in your region’ is finally over. Instagram has finally started to roll out the much-awaited Instagram Music feature in India. Now you will be finally able to share your favorite music along with a small playable section of it on your Instagram story.

Instagram added this cool new feature back in June, this year. However, due to undisclosed reasons, this feature was only available in select countries at that time. Now that this feature is live in India, you can add your favorite song to the Instagram story. You can select from a long list of both regional as well as popular international songs.

This cool new feature is divided into three parts – popular, moods and genres. You can either go for the most used songs from the popular section or just search for the song you want to share. In the ‘moods’ section, you will find different types of moods such as romantic, upbeat, mellow, love songs, and many more. You select any mood as per your choice and then you can try songs. On the other hand in the genres, you will find, Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Hip Hop, Rock, Pop and more.

How to use Instagram Music?

  1. First, open the Instagram application and then swipe left to go to the new stories section. Now, you can either use the ‘music’ option in the camera modes or select an existing image and then add a music sticker on top of it.
  2. When you select ‘music’ from the camera mode, you will see a pop-up to pick a song. Next, there will be video effects to choose from. Finally, take a picture or record a video and post it in your story.
  3. On the other hand, if you choose an already existing photo from your gallery then add a sticker on top of it. Next, select your choice of song and you can select from where the music starts. Once you are done just post it on your story. You can also show lyrics with both the options and can use different fonts for the lyrics.

Anybody viewing your story can tap on the music sticker and listen to the song. Moreover, they can see the artist’s details and add the sticker to their stories. For people like me who listen to a lot of music and love sharing it, Instagram stories will be pretty handy. What’s your thought?

Instagram Music is Live in India: Here's How to Use it!
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Instagram Music is Live in India: Here's How to Use it!
Instagram is finally rolling out the Instagram Music feature in India. You will now be able to share songs with your followers using this new feature.
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