Instagram Shopping is Revolutionizing Small and Medium Businesses


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With the advent of technology, there is a change in buying behavior of a customer. Subsequently, there is also a transformation in the way traders sell their products. We already explained one of this scenario in our article on, How WhatsApp Business is Empowering and Digitizing Indian SMEs?

In the present article, we are discussing the ways in which Instagram Shopping is revolutionizing SMBs. We know a friend who is purchasing goods from Instagram. Or either we are that one person who depends on Instagram to find something extraordinary which is tough to find online or in the stores.

Instagram has provided a platform to such entrepreneurs, who are preparing handmade object, art pieces, clothes and cutlery at their home. They can easily share, sell and spread the word about their art to the world. Now, we can find a mummy holding a small baby, selling her artistic clothes on Instagram.

How much large is this business?

As per the Deutsche Bank survey, the Instagram selling market will be a $10 Billion industry by 2021. It is noteworthy that Indian buyers are among the leading ones who depend on Instagram for purchasing. Many of them choose Instagram over other platforms.

Apart from being buying platform, Instagram is also a leading referral platform. We often notice a friend referring a product viz. T-Shirt, Art Piece, Jewellery, etc. to us. In this way, Instagram is a relatively cheaper medium to sell products through word of mouth.

There are many such small businesses who depend on Instagram to earn their bread. Considering this, Instagram is also rolling out new features in the app. One such feature is the Check Out feature which is yet into Beta testing.

We hope to see some more changes coming. In the app, as well as in the people.