iPhone 11 might Launch on September 10th


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With another September approaching, Apple is all set to release its latest iteration of the iPhone. Although Apple has not sent media invites yet but people are doing their best to find out everything they can. It seems like we possibly have the iPhone 11 announcement date leaked. As people have discovered an image in the iOS 13 source code which refers to September 10th.

When Apple released the 7th beta of iOS 13 to developers, there was a hidden image in the source codes. The image shows the home screen of an iPhone and the calendar date in it is September 10th. Moreover, the name of the resource is ‘HoldForRelease’. Not only that, the same resource was present in iOS 12 last year. At that time it had the dates set on September 12th and that was exactly the day when iPhone XS debuted along with iPhone XS Max.

The new iPhone 11 is expected to come with a triple rear camera setup along with improved display and other internal hardware. If Apple does announce the new iPhone 11 on September 10th then people can expect to pre-order it by Septemeber 13th. Again, by September 20th the new iPhones should be there in the stores as well. Now, this basic calculation is based on previous records of iPhone launches and it may change if Apple wants.

It is not yet clear if Apple will continue to upgrade its current line up of three phones. As per other rumors, Apple can drop 3D touch out of this years iPhone. Last years iPhone XR came without 3D touch and this year Apple might finally remove it for good. Another thing which is most rumored about the 2019 iPhone is the Type-C port. All these rumors, including the date, should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Once the next news breaks regarding the iPhone 11 we will be the first one to let you know. Until then keep following Don’t Get Serious.


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