Kerala Lady Cop Chops Off Her Hair to Donate For Wigs of Cancer Patients


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Very often we come across some good deeds which make us feel proud of being a part of mankind. Here is one such deed from a Woman Cop of Kerala which will wet your eyes! Aparna is a 46 Year Old Police Officer serving Kerala Police department.

A few days ago, she met a class 5th student who is suffering from cancer. Shocked by this incident, Aparna decided to shave her head and donate the hairs to an NGO which prepare wigs of Cancer patients.

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It is noteworthy that during Chemotherapy, the person suffering from Cancer lose their hair. Due to this, such patients hesitate to wander in public. We have also noticed certain events in the past, where an entire class shoved their head so that their classmate doesn’t feel awkward.

Speaking about this cause, Aparna said,

“My latest act did not deserve any notice at all. My hair will grow back in a year or two. For me, real heroes are people who donate their organs for the needy. What is in a look? Your words and deeds are important than your external look.”

It is not the first time that Aparna has done some noteworthy deed. Earlier, she sold her gold bangles for helping a family which couldn’t afford to get the dead body from hospital as they were having a pending invoice worth Rs. 60000/-

As per the reports, Aparna lost her husband a couple of years back. She is the only support to her two daughters. Her elder daughter is in post-graduation while the younger one is in class tenth.

These are the incidents which restore our faith in humanity. Kudos to Aparna and the Women Power!


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