Khalistani terrorist arrested in Amritsar for burning Pakistani drone!


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Punjab Police recently arrested a Khalistani Terrorist Sajjan Preet from Khalsa College in Amritsar. As per the reports, Sajjan Preet is a member of the Khalistan Zindabad Force. However, his arrest has uncovered some serious breaches in our national security.

Sajjan is facing the charges of burning a Pakistani Drone! With his arrest, Punjab Police discovered Pakistan is using Drones for the supply of arms, drugs, and money to the terrorists.

These drones fly from Pakistan and airdrop the Arms and Cash as shown in the picture!

Khalistani terrorist arrested in Amritsar for burning Pakistani drone!
Source: PTI

Sajjan was trying to sell the two pistols dropped from such Drone. In the last one week, Punjab Police has discovered two such drones while dropping weapons on the border.

Out of these two drones, one was found in a burnt condition from Jhabal town in Tarn Taran, Punjab.

Khalistani Terrorists having possession of Drones is a serious security level threat!

Large size drones flying over the Indian Border is a serious security level threat for India. If the Khalistani Terrorist Groups are in possession of such technology, they will be able to expand their terror in India gradually.

Realizing the seriousness of this issue, the state government has escalated the concern to the Union Home Ministry. With the use of these drones, they can raise threats on various open public meetings, infilter illegal material in India and what not!

It is utmost necessary that the government takes sufficient measures to prevent the trespassing of drones in the Indian territory.


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