Kolhapur: City To Face Dry Weather In Near Days, Temperature to Drop Up To 20 Degrees


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Kolhapur is a city located in Maharashtra and as winters are soon to arrive, the city might experience a temperature dropdown. The weather will be cool as well as dry in the near coming days as stated by the Met department located in the state.

Also, the weather monitoring department has done an assumption that the temperature might fall up to 20 degrees or below it in the coming days. So, it is recommended to Maharashtrians, that the time has come to take out your sweaters to fight the winter.

At the same time, the weather department has informed to sources that for few days, rainfall is happening in many regions like Gujarat, Goa, Maharashtra but because of this there has been zero affect recorded on the minimum temperatures of multiple regions.

The temperature recorded till now is above normal and the minimum temperature that has fallen is up to 16 degrees at Ahmednagar. When the department released the logical reports, it was the year 2007 and 24rth November when the temperature fell up to 9.6 degrees which were the lowest.

Over the years, our planet has been attacked by lots of pollution and harmful materials but some cities are really environmentally friendly and we hope they will stay like that. Currently, Delhi city is going through lots of pollution after Diwali and people are facing various kinds of problems because of smog. We hope the sky will get clear and localities of Delhi will breath fresh air soon.



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